Monday, May 18, 2009

Jennifer Makes Me Cry

(Disclaimer: To the cynics who are currently thinking, "Everything makes you cry, Karen," you can just stop that right now. I haven't cried at a Kodak commercial for years.)

Jennifer, at As Cozy as Spring, so often makes me laugh. I adore her sense of humor, and if I need to feel simply happy, I pop over and take a look at some lovely thing she has created, such as this, or this or this. She makes me actually want to sew, but then sewing usually makes me cry at some point, which brings me back to the tears of this post.

This review of The Rosary: Keeping Company with Jesus and Mary is beyond sweet and touching, for reasons that have nothing to do with my book.

Click on that link to take a look at Jennifer's dad, and at the gorgeous Rosary that he made for his granddaughter's First Holy Communion.


Thanks, Jenn, and thanks, Jenn's dad, for the beauty you bring to the world.

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Jennifer said...

This is the sweetest post ever. Thank you so much Karen. And thank you again for writing this incredible book - it is so filled with love.