Monday, May 18, 2009

School's Out for Summer

We're done!

We're not one of those families that schools year-round. Or, maybe we are, since we're sometimes in unschooling mode.

I'm of two minds, remember?

What I do know is this: the part of the year that I plan and enforce (and which usually includes mathish stuff) is over. We're ready for a break from school year routines, ready to relax into the stuff of summer. So far, it's looking as if our lazy-hazy-crazy days will include:

Vacation Bible School (with two daughters volunteering, and one participating)
Horseback riding
Just hanging out
Lots of good books, both read-alouds and individual reading
Plenty of ice cream
4-H and the county fair
Running through sprinklers (that's usually Ramona, not me, but you never know)
Having friends over for dinner
Gardening (Atticus)
Running (Atticus)
Going to see Wicked (not Atticus)
Catching up on all the things I neglect during the school year, such as housework. I will tackle my mudroom, which has turned into a catch-all for every kind of pile one can imagine.

Atticus was to report for jury duty today (his week off between regular school and summer school teaching) but God kindly provided, and the case was already settled, so he didn't have to go. Anne-with-an-e noted, "It's a little ironic that Atticus had to report for jury duty, isn't it?"

So, we are all officially on vacation this week.

As long as I don't look at the mudroom.


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Danae said...

oh good! I am glad he didn't have to go!

momto5minnies said...

Sounds lovely! Hope you have a fabulous summer with your family.