Monday, May 18, 2009

Predict a baby, win a book

When Minnesota Margaret asked me if she could offer a copy of my Rosary book as the prize in her Blog Lottery for Baby Z, of course I said yes. What else could one say to this Mama Bear?

So drop by Minnesota Mom's place, and make your predictions.

Enter your guesses at Margaret's blog, in the comment box here. What do you think Margaret will have, and when? Include your guesses for gender, weight, time, and date.

Her due date is May 31st, but as a fellow short woman (who remembers what it's like to be 5' 2" and a kajillion months pregnant) let's hope it's sooner rather than later!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

You forgot to mention that the earlier the date, the better one's chance of winning.

Not that they'll be right, necessarily. Rather, that I'll buy them the book myself out of gratitude!

sarah said...

I am five foot half an inch and when I was pregnant with my 8 pounds, 6 ounces baby, people used to have wonderful fun talking about how they should just roll me down the street.

Liz said...

We're still waiting for a Grandbaby around here. Baby B is due on Tuesday. The Mommy is taller than 5'2, but the Daddy is very impatient for this baby to be born. Meanwhile the Mommy is staying fairly relaxed and serene, while the Grandma is wondering why if the last 8 months went really, really fast, the last two weeks has gone so very, very slow. Maybe the Mommy is staying serene because she's spending her spare time reading your book. Maybe the baby is politely waiting until she finishes it. Who knows? So any guesses as to: name (predicted gender is female, but you never know), weight, and actual date of arrival of Baby B from the Edmisten family?

Karen E. said...

7 lbs., 2 oz.