Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Society for the Prevention of Chocolate Deprivation

I love my chocolate-loving readers.

They look out for me and enable me in my addiction encourage me in my quest for a life worth living.

They want to be enabled too ask for recipes. They live vicariously when someone else is scarfing copious amounts enjoying a delicate nibble of the ambrosia.

We know that Ramona's favorite chocolate dessert is a brownie, as evidenced here, and here and here, assuming they are frosted.

But, she also loves cake and anything else that's chocolate. And, occasionally, just a sugar overload is good, too.

But, back to recipes. Here is one of our favorite brownie recipes: Marbled Peanut Butter Brownies.

Other recipes:

Chocolate Cake

Buy mix.
Make it.
In a separate bowl, combine obscene amounts of powdered sugar, cocoa, shortening, vanilla and water. Eat frosting, setting some aside for finished cake.

Easy Chocolate Dessert for One

Open a bag of these.
Eat them.
Immediately throw evidence away.


Liz said...

Wellll, I don't eat an entire bag, and I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, but other than that you've got that one right. I wouldn't have survived this past year of losing weight without a bag of Dove promises around all the time. They're also great for putting on the pillows of house guests (especially dd's bf).

But I must admit, that of late I've strayed. I've been eating these gourmet chocolates made in Vermont. Dark chocolate with crunchy maple centers.

Momto5Minnies said...

Yesterday was a good chocolate day for me ... I definitely had my share. My oldest was 12, and her request was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Earlier in the day, I was looking for the cake container and was suprised to find a square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate. This was a pleasant treat because I thought I was all out, but one must have slipped out of the bag that I hide in the cabinet for my emergency NEEDS ;)

Chocolate is GOOD!

Melanie B said...

My favorite chocolates tend to be the expensive truffles you can only find at candy stores and that cost an arm and a leg. When I was a kid I used to blow my whole allowance buying fancy chocolates at Lammes Candies, our local chain.

Now my current addiction is Ritter Sport. I love the marzipan and praline bars the best.

Beck said...

She's my kind of kid - although chocolate and I have come to a bittersweet parting right now, because I'm just so faaaat.
(get it? Bittersweet? Har!)

Liz said...

Hey beck, I lost 66 pounds in the past year while eating Dove chocolate nearly every day. The trick is portion control. Those Dove Promises are only one WW's point. If you eat it slowly while sipping a cup of tea, you get all the pleasure without hindering your weight loss.