Friday, June 02, 2023

Poetry Friday: "New Moon Newton" by Oliver Baez Bendorf

Poem-a-Day, from, comes through again. 
This was yesterday's poem. Of it, the poet says: 

“Everybody knows that poets are moonstruck. Of course, it’s so cliché, but we have our reasons and they are compelling. How could I not be struck by the force that causes ocean tides? This poem is a surrender to change, to a fresh start, to trust in the benevolent forces not only celestial but also earthly, such as friends and strangers, that have moved me into a brighter, kinder phase of life.”
—Oliver Baez Bendorf

Enjoy, friends! 
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New Moon Newton

            God is Change,
            And in the end,
            God prevails.
            But meanwhile . . .
            Kindness eases Change.
            Love quiets fear.
                        —Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

whole patterns of them
rocking around in the radiant arena
above and around our heads
on a night when the wind
sang like a scream
and the deer stood frozen
as a statue of itself
the sky was dark because
la luna had finished revealing themself
and was not yet ready to 
begin again

and I get it now:

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Photo courtesy of Stux at Pixabay


laurasalas said...

I love the poet's comment as much as the poem. Thanks, Karen.

Penelope said...

Karen, how beautiful. Thank you for sharing this one. I hope and pray you are well!

Linda B said...

Though the changes are in our lives, having the moon as a faithful being in our lives is good. Intriguing poem, Karen. I've read it several times, can hear the voice, querying, as so often poets do. Thank you! And wishing you a wonderful June!

Patricia Franz said...

I may have to sit with this one awhile, Karen. I am intrigued that Bendorf opened with Octavia Butler's words... and where it took him.

Lou Piccolo said...

Thank you, Karen, that is an intriguing poem. I had never read it. The imagery is so very vivid!

Linda Mitchell said...

Oh, this poem is a keeper! You had me with the Octavia Butler quote...but then there was so much more. Thank you for this today.

Karen Edmisten said...

My pleasure, Penelope! I hope you are well too!

Karen Edmisten said...

the moon as a faithful being ... love that, Linda. It's constantly changing, but constantly there, constantly reliable. :)

Karen Edmisten said...

It held surprises for me too, Patricia.

Karen Edmisten said...

Yes, it was new to me, too, Lou, and I was also intrigued.

Karen Edmisten said...

It took me to surprising places, Linda!