Thursday, December 09, 2021

Poetry Friday: Portrait of the Son: A Tale of Love

Today I'm sharing a new book that perhaps isn't poetry in the strictest sense but is without a doubt poetic in every sense. 

Portrait of the Son: A Tale of Love by Josephine Nobisso, illustrated by Ted Schluenderfritz, is the newest in Nobisso's "Theological Virtues Trilogy, which also includes The Weight of a Mass and Take It to the Queen. I've collected these books over the years and have loved them for their combination of thoughtful, lyrical prose and stunning artwork. 


Portrait of the Son, published just last month, is an allegory about a wealthy man with a lovingly curated and valuable art collection. He shares cherished art with his beloved only son, who later leaves to serve as a soldier in a great and terrible war. What happens to the son, a rough portrait of him, the art collection, and a poor old man who seeks refuge in the mansion moved me to tears (as Joi's books usually do.) Schluenderfritz's artwork is exquisite. 

Portrait of the Son is another keeper and I was beyond delighted to add it to our collection. 

Find out more about Josephine Nobisso here, and visit Ted Schluenderfritz's website, 5 Sparrows, for more about his work. 


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Linda B said...

This is new to me, Karen, sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

Jone said...

I am going to look this book up. Thanks.

Linda Mitchell said...

ooooh! Thanks for the website link. I am intrigued.

Cathy said...

I find books like this fascinating. There are so many picture books I've discovered across the years that seem to be poetry spread across pages. Readers always love them. I guess when you have a love of words and rhythms it resonates in all that is written. I look forward to checking these out. Thank you.

Rose Cappelli said...

Thanks for sharing this new to me title. It sounds fascinating!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks for oohing and aahhing with me! :)