Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving and Shutterfly Keeps Stopping My Heart

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I didn't mean to leave my sad Sydney post hanging here for the last three weeks. A sweet online friend wrote to me, worried because I hadn't posted since we lost Syd. We're doing okay — we miss her terribly, of course, but life has also just been incredibly busy. As I told my friend, we've been consumed with the following and more: 

  • I had the privilege of being on the training team again (I first got the opportunity in mid-2020) for new coaches at Brave Writer. We had an intense couple of weeks in early November, and now we've got a dynamic bunch of new coaches coming on board. I continue to be blown away by my colleagues at Brave Writer. 
  • We're finally getting some answers to some health questions/medical conditions for both my mother and one of my daughters. A fair number of appointments and meetings have been part of this month. 
  • I finished the final edits for my newest book! They arrived while I was deep into training so it was a busy few days. Whew. The book should be coming out after the first of the year. I don't have all the news yet, but here's a hint: you know I love the liturgical year. 

I'm feeling grateful for so many things right now, not the least of which is that my son-in-law recovered well and quickly this month from a very mild case of Covid and my daughter, whom we worry about a bit more due to her autoimmune disease, did not contract it from him. So grateful for vaccines! 

And I'm grateful for an overabundance of digital photos, even when they take you back and break your heart just a bit. You know when Shutterfly sends those emails? The ones that say, "Remember these memories from 15 years ago?" Then you brace yourself because you know that fifteen years ago your daughters were just wee things who looked something like this: 

When she was actually this age, in 2006, I never posted pictures of Ramona, or any of the girls, on my blog. Her little Flintstone feet were the only thing that made the blog in those days: 

So, thanks, Shutterfly, for breaking my heart about the fact that there are no more tiny people at my house. But thanks, too, for reminding me that I love the women my little girls have become. 
I'm so grateful for so much. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Hug your people. 


Susan T. said...

Happy two days after Thanksgiving, Karen. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved doggo. Ours is ten and getting a little gray, too.

penelope said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Advent, Karen!

What a sweet photo of your daughter 🤗 ... 2006 is when I began my first homeschooling blog, Woman of the Tiger Moon. My youngest was 4!!! Ah, those were the heydays of homeschool blogging! Loved being part of all of that. I learned so much from all of the other mother writers, homeschoolers / women of faith ...

Excited to hear about your new book! 🙏🏻📖