Friday, March 29, 2019

Poetry Friday: Spring (Again) by Michael Ryan

Spring (Again)
by Michael Ryan

The birds were louder this morning,

(Go here to read the other four lines of this short, splendid poem. The last sentence is perfection.)


The round-up this week is at Carol's Corner.


  1. They know, and the trees that are blossoming, and the daffodils sticking their heads up, confident in their welcome, or at least hopeful.

  2. Totally agree with you! That last line is perfection!

  3. How do they know? Here, too, more bird song which is delighting me. And now, it snowed last night, but the greening up will be there when it melts! Lovely share, Karen!

  4. I'm enjoying all of these lovely spring poems being shared this week.

  5. Beautiful! How happy we all are that spring has finally sprung!

  6. Oh! I just love this! Those birdies are tweeting their bird brains up my way and I'm so enjoying the raucous chorus in the morning. That end line is perfect!!!