Friday, April 15, 2016

Poetry Friday: The Bard, My Girls, and Me

I bet you can guess what our weekend plans include. It's terrible as poetry, but, hey, it's all I could muster this morning. Looking forward to some real poetry soon, when we see the play. And there's plenty of real poetry all over the blogosphere, too. Check out the Poetry Friday round up, hosted this week by Michelle Barnes at Today's Little Ditty. 

The Bard, My Girls, and Me 

My offspring and I,
oh, how happy we’ll be
when one of the Bard’s
creations we see.

We’ll chuckle and nod
at mistaken I.D.,
a bit of midsummer-y,
dream revelry.

A cast full of friends
whom we don’t often see
will round out the night
of this anti-ennui.

Come, Hermia! Come, Helena!
Come, good, young Lysander.
Through fairy-lit woods
we’ll see thee meander.

And on the way home,
I foresee happy chatter,
for Shakespeare’s the thing
to make all hearts the gladder.


Oh, happy coincidence! Jama is also talking about Shakespeare today. She's hosting a giveaway of a book I'm suddenly coveting, Will's Words: How Shakespeare Changed the Way You Talk, by Jane Sutcliffe, with illustrations by John Shelley.

Updated to note: Tabatha Yeatts is being true to herself by featuring the Bard as well! Visit her at The Opposite of Indifference



Tabatha said...

Bonus points for "anti-ennui"! I have Shakespeare today, too.
Have a great weekend!

jama said...

What a joyful, uplifting poem! Hooray for the Bard!! Enjoy the play :).

Karen Edmisten said...

Ha, thanks for the bonus points, Tabatha! Just updated to note your Shakespeare post as well!

Thanks, Jama! We're looking forward to the play and seeing friends! :)

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

My heart is gladder after reading this post, Karen! You can't beat a family that enjoys Shakespeare together. What a Will-y wonderful Poetry Friday. :)

Tamara said...

Well, it might not be "real" poetry, but I still thinj this was pretty clever. Especially if you pulled it out of your hat early on a Friday morning.

tanita✿davis said...

"Real" poetry is the poetry you write, full stop.
Have a LOVELY time; seeing The Royal Shakespeare Company do Midsummer in college is one of my most cherished memories; the costumes were out of this world.

Karen Edmisten said...

Michelle, Tamara, and Tanita, thank you! Tanita, you are right, and I will stop with the disclaimers. :)

Ours won't be quite the Royal Shakespeare Co. experience -- it's a homeschool group putting on the play, but our friends do manage an amazing job with a thrifty costume budget. ;)

Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary with that poem. (What were you thinking? ;) ) Delightful. Enjoy. I don't doubt that you will!

Linda B said...

No need to apologize, it's a wonderful capture of your night, Karen. Love that "a bit of midsummer-y,
dream revelry." Shakespeare is everywhere today, a good thing!

Mary Lee said...

Lots of Shakespeare in the roundup this week! I agree with Linda -- don't apologize -- fun to read your words!

Karen Edmisten said...

Mary Lee, Linda, and Kat, thank you! We had such a fun time last night!