Friday, January 09, 2015

Poetry Friday: Wallace Stevens

I've hated him, been intrigued by him, stolen from been inspired by him, laughed about him, cried about him, loved him (I especially loved him when I wrote about him.) 

Today, I'm simply going to send you to him, to "The Snow Man," and ask you what you think of it, what you think of him. 

The Snow Man
by Wallace Stevens 

One must have a mind of winter

(read and listen to the whole poem here, at The Poetry Foundation.) 



Mary Lee said...

That last line is a zinger!

Karen Edmisten said...


Tabatha said...

The first line is kind of wow, too.

Karen Edmisten said...

I agree, Tabatha. And you can't help but notice that it's not called "The Snowman" but "The Snow Man."