Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Deathbed Conversions: My New Book Is Finally Here!

Deathbed Conversions: Finding Faith at the Finish Line 
is finally at the finish line and ready to ship! 

I'm so excited about this book. It was fascinating to research, fun to write (when I wasn't fretting over how I could possibly do justice to all of these people and their spiritual lives), and -- I hope -- will be fun and fascinating for you to read.

You can find it at:

Another fun note -- I've been experimenting with Authorgraph.

It's a cool way to get an electronically signed note from a writer. You can go to my Authorgraph page, and request a personalized inscription and/or a signature for any of my books, even the ones in paperback. (Currently, only Deathbed Conversions and Through the Year With Mary are available on Kindle/Nook.)

The request is forwarded to me, and once it's fulfilled, you'll get an email with a link that will take you a page that looks like this:

(If you have a Kindle, and have enabled direct delivery, it will also be delivered as a document to your Kindle.) 

So, if you've purchased one of my books in the past and didn't get a signed copy, this is the next best thing. That's my real signature, too -- it was a little tricky to use a mouse to create it, but after some practice, I was able to say, hey, yeah, that actually looks like me!


sarah said...

Congratulations on the book. And Authorgraph looks like a great service!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you so much, Sarah!

Jeannine Atkins said...

What a beautiful looking book, with the cover pulling me in as I try to name the face. Congratulations! I wish you much success, while enjoying that great feeling of accomplishment.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you so much, Jeannine!

And on the cover, from top left, clockwise: Patricia Neal, John Wayne, Oscar Wilde, Gary Cooper. :)

Kimberlee said...

Congratulations, Karen! The book looks wonderful, and such an intriguing read it promises!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you, Kimberlee!