Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Some Recent Reading

In no particular order:*

I had never read it.
(I'm sorry.)
Daughters insisted. I liked it. Quite a bit more than I thought I would. Crazy-creepy, and oddly touching.

Jane Eyre
No one really needs to say anything more about Jane Eyre, do they?
But I should.
I had never read Jane Eyre before this summer.
(I'm sorry.)
I had to read it, in order to keep up with Betsy, who loves, lives, and breathes all-things-period-drama-and-lit.
Classic and gothic, just as you've always heard it was.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette
When a friend mentioned this book, and I saw that it was written by Maria Semple (who has past close personal ties to Arrested Development, Ellen, and Mad About You) I kind of had to read it. This book trailer sums up what I loved about book and author.

(And, hey, Maria? No, wait ... Dear Maria: I could happily read epistolary novels for the rest of my life. Epistolarily yours, Karen)

Emily of Deep Valley

It's Maud Hart Lovelace.
I would follow her anywhere.


I think Rainbow Rowell might have a heart as wide as the horizon.

* Caveats on language and content on some of the above. Be sure to check out reviews on Amazon, or, or Goodreads to determine what's right for you!


Jennifer said...

Wow, all of these sound good.

Danae said...

Ok...I think a book discussion is in order!!

Karen Edmisten said...

Yes, Danae, esp. since you are the one who told me about Maria Semple's book. :)