Monday, September 03, 2012

At Least This Time Ramona's Hopes Weren't Dashed

Remember long, long ago in a blogging galaxy far, far away (i.e., the year 2007, when Ramona was just five years old), when I mentioned "a carnival" and poor Ramona's day was ruined when I explained that it was just this boring thing called "a blog carnival"?

You don't remember? Here's the refresher.

This weekend, however, in my current blogging galaxy, Ramona and I are both happy. Yesterday, she got to go to her idea of a real carnival (thank you, Atticus, for handling the cotton candy and the bumper cars in nearly three-digit temps) and I get to read all kinds of encouraging posts and ideas that are also known as the Homeschool High School Carnival. 

No overpriced tickets, no scary carney workers ... just a bunch of good reading material that focuses on this month's theme, "The Wide View." Check it out!

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