Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A blogging mom's version of "Watch your mouth"

I had just realized that I hadn't posted today about the Carnival of Children's Literature, already up and running at Charlotte's Library.

I said to Betsy, "Let me just jump on the computer and put up a post about a carnival that's going on today."

"A carnival?" said Ramona, her eyes alight.

"Oh, no, sweetie ..." I shook my head. "Not a carnival, a ... um, well ... it's, umm ... it's a blog thing," I ended feebly, noting that she looked a wee bit sad. "There's not really a carnival in town. Sorry."

Oops. Maybe instead of Carnivals we should call these things Cyber Gatherings Not the Least Bit Interesting to Five Year Old Girls.

There we go. Absolutely, positively no room for confusion and disappointment.


Liz said...

At least if there is a real carnival in town you'll take Ramona to it. I can remember being a little kid and having my mother refuse to take us. All the other kids got to ride the Ferris wheel and I didn't. I was so sad. So I appreciate Ramona's disappointment. I believe my mother was having a pietistic moment instead of a blogging one.

Karen E. said...

Yes, they do get to go when the real carnival is in town. It's ridiculously expensive for what we get, but what's childhood without a few sticky cotton-candy memories?