Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lent is Coming! Lent is Coming!

My past Lenten series -- "A Meaningful Lent" -- is here. (I've also moved it up in the sidebar. Just click on the desert and you're there.)

You'll find everything from the Lamb of God calendar for young children to my crown of thorns, to confessing the messes, to thoughts about why we give up the things we do and whether or not we should talk about them.

(Updated to note: Blogger has gobbled up some of my photos and I have no idea why. Please bear with me as I try to recover them ... parts of the post reference adorable, must-see pictures that aren't so adorable when they aren't there and you can't see them ...) 

The title of the series comes from then-six-year-old Ramona's protest that she did not plan to give up something trivial (such as talking back to her sisters) but rather she planned to give up something meaningful.

That's what I'm going for, too. Still discerning what "meaningful" means for this year. Jesus usually plops something horrible in front of me (such as the idea of giving up coffee.) Then He exasperates me by teaching me something through my sacrifices.

Who does He think He is? Does He always have to be so right?

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