Monday, January 02, 2012

A Beautiful New Book From Josephine Nobisso

I've mentioned Josephine Nobisso a number of times, starting here (wherein I talk about The Weight of a Mass -- if you haven't read that one, go buy a copy right now for every child you know who will be receiving First Holy Communion this spring), and then here, when I reviewed Take It to the Queen. I mentioned her again here, and here you'll see that Josephine was kind enough to endorse my book, Through the Year With Mary (in which I included a couple of quotes from Take It to the Queen.)

Now, Gingerbread House Publishing has a new offering: Francis Woke Up Early

Every bit as beautiful as Josephine's previous works (of which I'm a huge fan), this jewel is illustrated by Maureen Hyde, an American painter who also lives and works in Italy. 

The story is gentle and lovely, and the paintings immediately transported us to gorgeous Assisi. This book is a bit of a respite, an escape from the noisy world -- an imaginative immersion into beauty, love, and saintly goodness. 

Highly recommended.


Anonymous Catholic Housewife said...

Thanks for this! Just discovered Josephine Nobisso this Christmas, and bought the two books you discuss here. They are wonderful! Didn't know about her new one.

Karen Edmisten said...

I think you'll love it!