Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What We've Been Doing

Saturday night: Big, noisy, community fireworks show. Big, traumatized dog.

Sunday night: Slumber party for Betsy, who recently turned 15 (They called it "The Feet Fifteen" party -- lots of toenails were painted.) Playtime for little girls while the teens were off being teenish. Lots of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. (That's my girl, Betsy.)

Monday night: Sat around a fire pit in friends' yard while kids made s'mores, played Ninja, or lolled in grass and talked. Went home to a big, noisy neighborhood. Big, traumatized dog. Watched Next Food Network Star.  Betsy drew this on the whiteboard in the kitchen:

Tuesday: Finished reading Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis.  Loved it -- loved the holy and noble Fr. Roche, loved the ending, loved having a good cry.

Wednesday: Traumatized dog still doesn't want to go out for walks. I know a lot of people love shooting off fireworks all week long as a prelude to the Fourth of July, but I'm thinking of moving to a state that has made them illegal. Moving, however, would lead to big, traumatized children. So I'm striking that idea.


Liz said...

Vermont has only legalized fireworks in the past few years, and, in fact, there have been fewer fireworks set off in our neighborhood this year than there were when they were illegal. We had a sheep go right through the window of the barn one year fortunately there was no glass in the opening) when someone set a bottle rocket off to close to the property line, so I do sympathize with your dog problem. I'm sure he'll recover once the festivities finally die down.

Mary Kate said...

Fireworks are illegal here in IL, but that doesn't stop people, and it doesn't even slow them down very much!
I very much sympathize with you on the dog-thing. Our lab is a maniac for a solid 2 weeks pre/post Independence Day.
Maybe our forefathers didn't have dogs? Or, fireworks? lol