Saturday, July 02, 2011

Catching Up After "Camping" and Poetry Friday on a Saturday

I missed Poetry Friday yesterday, but do go check it out at A Wrung Sponge. Lots of great links there.  And I'll be hosting Poetry Friday here on August 12th.


The reason I missed Poetry Friday is that we were "camping."  I first wrote about why "camping" is in quotes here.  We visited the same state park, enjoyed the same lovely views and s'mores (well, not exactly the same s'mores from four years ago ... that'd be disgusting), the same wildlife, plus some (bald eagles, a badger), and the same heavenly peace.

We did not enjoy the ticks, which were everywhere, including on my pillow at 6:30 in the morning (thank you, Ramona, for thinking it was time to get up that day -- thanks to you and my prayers for Tick Protection, that little guy ended his life in a toilet instead of feasting on me.)

We're home, laundry has been done (funny how quickly a mom can move from "I love being away from home with no laundry to do!" to "All! This! Laundry!"), and here is Ramona's latest thought on "camping."  Our first night around the campfire, she wrote in her notebook:

Trees - A Poem

Trees are tall, short, any kind
of height, really. Scraggly, neat,
trees are always imperfect.
I just thought I would reflect
on that at this lovely campsite.
It, too, imperfect with juniper bushes.
That's all I have to say. 


Theresa said...

Please tell Ramona that I LOVE her poem. Trees are some of my favorite things and if I could write poetry it would definitely be about trees.

Rosary said...

Lovely poem, short, simple and sweet. Trees and all of nature are my favorite as well.

Karen Edmisten said...

Theresa, thanks and message delivered, and Rosary, thanks!