Friday, April 01, 2011

Poetry Friday

Another Atticus pick this week. A pairing, really. He says:

"'The Lark Ascending' by George Meredith was the inspiration for the piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams of the same name, which should be listened to while the poem is read ... just a suggestion.... "

I'm taking his suggestion. So, start up the music:

and then click over to the poem, found here. Mix and savor.

May your Friday -- and your National Poetry Month (it begins today) -- ascend into something beautiful.


The round up is at The Poem Farm.


Amy L V said...

"Through self-forgetfulness divine"
Very true.
Karen, your idea to mix a poem and song together is so interesting and one I want to think and try too. Thank you! A.

Doraine said...

A lovely pairing, Karen. Thanks for sharing both the music and the poem. I love this line--unthinking save that he may give/His voice the outlet,

Blessings to you, that you may be "joy, awake, aglow."

Skysaw said...

The Lark Ascending - my third favorite art music piece of all-time, after the Faure Requiem and RVW's Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. The solo passages are so beautiful they almost convince me that the violin is a prettier instrument than the viola, but not quite. ;-)

Karen Edmisten said...

This was a beautiful pairing, wasn't it? I should always take Atticus' advice. :)

And Skysaw, my violin-playing Betsy will stick with her view that the violin is the prettiest. :)

Julie said...

Thanks, Karen - I'm going to try to do this more often, pair up music with a poem, even if one didn't inspire the other. Such a nice combination.