Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm at Conversion Diary, reflecting on Our Father's Name

Last month, I mentioned that Jennifer at Conversion Diary was putting together a series of posts meant to reflect on the Lord's prayer, word by word. I loved her idea, especially because as I first began tentative prayer I did the same thing. (Pondered one word of the Our Father at a time, that is. Blogging wasn't a word yet.)

Not yet baptized, wondering if I had to go to a church, and reading the New Testament to learn more about this Jesus person, I'd sit down to pray and spend time with just one word of the Our Father. If you've never savored the Our Father this way, meditated on just a single word or phrase, I highly recommend it. You'll find thoughts, connections, and ideas that simply don't pop up in the middle of a rote recitation. (Not that rote recitation doesn't have its place -- in times of fear or crisis, when my brain isn't working well, it's a gift to have a string of real words at my disposal that are at once a cry, a comfort, and a prayer of supplication. And, of course, formal prayer is not automatically rote, but that's another subject.)

So, please head over to Jennifer's to read the whole series, and share in my thoughts on our Father's Name.

(Graphic is thanks to Jen. I'm not that clever.)

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