Friday, July 16, 2010

Poetry Friday: If You Like to Listen to Richard Wilbur Talk ....

The other day I mentioned Web of Stories, but I wanted to mention it again today for Poetry Friday and focus on the clips of Richard Wilbur.

Here he is talking a bit about being American Poet Laureate.

Here he is talking about meeting the right girl (and having the rest of one's life go well after that.)

Here he is discussing how fiction affects his work.

Here he's talking about memories of grammar school.

On getting to know Robert Frost.

Reading Love Calls Us to the Things of This World.

I could spend hours ....


Poetry Friday is being hosted this week by Heidi Mordhorst


Tabatha said...

I listened to him talking about Amherst and meeting the right girl. Quite a lovely story! It's wonderful to hear about happy marriages -- we don't get enough of that.

Karen Edmisten said...

It was lovely, wasn't it, Tabatha? I love Richard Wilbur ....