Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looking for a good Bible Study? Want to have Fr. Mitch Pacwa over to teach it?

The amazing folks at Homeschool Connections now bring you Aquinas Connections, which is their new branch of web courses for adults.

Their first offering, a Bible study with Fr. Pacwa, is Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem In St. Luke’s Gospel and registration information can be found here

I have not yet had the chance to participate in a live webinar course, but I did access a wonderful past webinar called How to Pay for College Without Breaking Your Bank. (You can see where my mind is these days.) I was so impressed by the whole process. Had I participated in the webinar when it went live, I would have had the chance to shoot questions directly to the presenter as she spoke to the group. Very cool! And, even though I didn't sit in on that one live, watching the recording was still extremely helpful to me.

The year before I was received into the Catholic Church, Fr. Pacwa gave a mission here in our little town. Imagine my disappointment when I found that out! All my new Catholic friends raved about him.  A few years later (the year Atticus came in, as a matter of fact), we had Fr. John Corapi conduct a mission -- we may be in the middle of nowhere, but we occasionally attract the big guns! 

The Bible study with Fr. Pacwa begins on August 2, and registration is limited, so you'd better head over there soon!

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