Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ramona on the Sabbath

"Mommy, if I go wake up the girls, would that be considered unnecessary work?"

(I gave her the go-ahead.) 


Anonymous said...

I like the way she thinks ... :)

tanita davis said...

SOME keep the Sabbath snoozing abed,
Ramona keeps it waking her sisters -
It's necessary work, since they've got to get up,
She makes sure that they can't resist her.

Some keep the Sabbath as lillies;
Ramona's a dandelion fan,
Since neither toiling nor spinning will do,
She does the little jobs she can.

Eventually, the clan gets to Mass -
Are blessed by the words and the songs -
And instead of going to heaven at last,
The Edmisten's are going all along.

Karen E. said...

Aw, Tanita, you made my day. Atticus caught the Emily Dickinson foundation/allusion before I did -- you are shockingly clever!

tanita davis said...

(I meant to put DEEPEST apologies to Emily Dickinson on the post!)