Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ramona on Lissa

Speaking of likable people, here are two more:

Ramona said to me the other day, as she was rereading Down to the Bonny Glen, "Mommy, Lissa's really a great writer."

"I know! I agree! She's wonderful."

"I mean," Ramona continued, "listen to this: Martha closed her eyes and felt the wind on her face. She wanted to drink it. I mean, she has ... oh, she has the spirit of a writer."


tanita✿davis said...

Ramona is right -- Melissa does. She also has the soul of a comedienne occasionally; her tales of her youngest crack me up.

Karen Edmisten said...

Her stories are definitely crack-up-funny!

sarah said...

How lovely! I'd hazard a guess that your girl probably recognises that spirit as kindred.

Lissa said...

This sweet post made me blush the first time I read it, and now the comments have made me blush too! Ramona's words are the very nicest sort of thing a writer can hear. Thanks!!