Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calling Your Attention to:

one of my favorite people, Alicia Van Hecke, who runs the Love2Learn website.

This post is a perfect example of why I love to read Alicia's blog. There's a link to an interview with Alicia about "The Catholic Home" in which you can hear her lovely, balanced, intelligent vision (and reality) of homeschooling and living the Catholic life with her children. There are bits and pieces of her day there, links to things like lovely journals and a self-test about sensory issues. Finally there is a gorgeous Cardinal Ratzinger quote.  (Though this was a "7 Quick Takes" post, and obviously varied for that reason, I think this post is representative of the rich tapestry that is Alicia's world.)

This is not a paid advertisement for Alicia Van Hecke or for any product related to Alicia Van Hecke or Karen Edmisten or lovely journals or sensory integration tests. I just like Alicia a whole lot. (Insert appropriately cute smiley face here.)

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