Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Fathers!

Today, Holy Thursday, we celebrate the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood.

From John Paul the Great's Letter to Priests, Holy Thursday, 2004:

We were born from the Eucharist. If we can truly say that the whole Church lives from the Eucharist (“Ecclesia de Eucharistia vivit”), as I reaffirmed in my recent Encyclical, we can say the same thing about the ministerial priesthood: it is born, lives, works and bears fruit “de Eucharistia”(cf. Council of Trent, Sess. XXII, canon 2: DS 1752). “There can be no Eucharist without the priesthood, just as there can be no priesthood without the Eucharist."

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Laura O said...

I am so glad that we have both the Holy Eucharist and men who are called to be priests. With only boys in the house, I sometimes wonder if I'll end up with a bunch of soldiers or if one may be called to the priesthood. This mama would be so happy if the later came to fruition.