Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

A nice day.

An-ice day.

Streets too icy to venture out, so we didn't.


We lolled in front of the TV for a design show on HGTV (and unanimously voted the final makeover, "Hideous!")

I had a deliciously long phone call with the friend who gave me this coffee cup:

I played figurines with Ramona. I have to confess that I had to force myself to do this today. I was not in the mood to make little figures talk in funny voices and say unexpected, witty things. However, by the end of said scheduled figurine session, Ramona's uncontrollable laughter made it worth every second. And reminded me that that's why I do it: heads together, laughing so hard (both of us) that I know we'll never forget The Day It Was So Icy Outside and We Played Figurines and the Girls Beat the Boys at Red Rover.

Atticus had parent-teacher conferences, so during our Atticus-less dinner, we played a few rounds of Outburst.

Atticus made it home safely.

Everyone is now in bed. Ahem. Almost everyone.


I would post a lot more pictures if my computer weren't so creaky and slow.


Carrots are really just an excellent delivery system for roasted red pepper hummus.


Ramona likes green salad as a bedtime snack. Seriously. That's just wrong.

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