Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Have I really not posted since Wednesday?


Here's my catch-up post.


We spent some time with this guy and this guy as they rolled cross-country on their way to Key Largo. (Now, they -- science-y family that they are -- would have taken the eyeball home.)

Then I looked at my thermometer this morning (14 degrees) and wept.


Ramona was looking over my shoulder as I frowned at my Twitter page.

"Tweeting, huh?" she asked. "I call it Twup-dating."

I love her word for it, but, no, I wasn't Twup-dating. I was lamenting that I cannot seem to make Twitter work for me. I see interesting little tweets -- a question, or an answer -- and then when I try to follow the trail, I get completely lost.

And what the twup is the Tweet Deck and how do I use it?


The Bookworm has a fun post here about Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday ... Fat Tuesday ... The Day All the Good Stuff in Your Life Goes Away ....) and another great one here with book and activity ideas.


Thanks to Faith, I now know that Pride and Prejudice lives in Facebook format at the amusing little Austenbook.

(I foresee this kind of summary becoming the SparkNotes of the 21st century.)


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