Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm glad she didn't bring the eyeball home

Or, a short update on our homeschooling:
This week, Anne-with-an-e spent some time shadowing our veterinarian. She watched a dental procedure (translation: teeth had to be yanked out, lots of blood), dogs and cats being spayed and neutered, and a declawing.

She didn't faint or get queasy. (I'm beaming.)

When offered the opportunity to take a closer look at (translation: dissect) an eye that had been removed from a cat, she declined. It was, after all, her first day.

Best not to push those queasiness limits.

This still stuns me. I thought I was raising a writer. She says "writer" is still on the table, but this vet stuff is pretty compelling business.


On the writing front, I hope to get time soon to tell you more about Anne's "Harry Potter Fan Fiction Challenge" -- she issued it to the whole family, assigned two basic plot ideas from which we could choose, and gave us a deadline. The deadline was Christmas Eve, so clearly, I'm a little behind in my reporting on this ....


Speaking of writing challenges, Ramona took a cue from Anne and issued a poetry challenge. This came right after we had a warmish day, and she was inspired to write a springtime poem she entitled "Hamilton Beach." (Yes, I believe a small appliance was in sight.) She made invitations for the whole family, urged us to accept her poetry challenge, and promptly forgot about it.


The other day, Ramona said to me, "Mommy, tell me if you think this is an in-drawing book."

I said, in that oh-so-intelligent way I have, "Huh?"

"Listen," she said patiently, and proceeded to read the first sentence of a book to me. "Doesn't that sentence draw you in?" she asked. "Don't you want to know what happens next? This is an in-drawing book."


Betsy is still at work on her novel, which features characters with names like Arrow, Pure, and Faith, but recently she has spent more time on a short story that is now up to, I believe, 12,000 words. This frightens me. I never wrote more than 1,016 words at a time when I was her age.


Betsy has also been spending some time teaching herself new songs on the piano. (I generously call it a piano ... it's actually a keyboard, but it works for learning basics, and for me to pretend I can play "Amazing Grace.") She's teaching Ramona what she's learning, too. I love this kind of self-directed stuff.


sarah said...

Your household just bristles with intelligence. It's always so much fun to read about.

I think it's a good thing Anne is interested in vet science. "She'll need a proper paying job if she wants to be a writer." So said my family to me while I was growing up, anyway!

Karen E. said...

Oh, Sarah, you made me laugh. Sometimes the only thing we bristle with is bristling. :-)

But, you're right about a proper paying job! Maybe she'll be another James Herriott. :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

One more paragraph and you would have had seven quick takes.

I'm just saying...

This is a fun post, Karen--very Eds-y and delightful.

PS. My word verification for today is "graps". I think today, instead of coming to terms with my weaknesses, I will come to graps with them.

Karen E. said...

Margaret, I will have to come to graps with whether or not I can commit to doing Seven Quick Takes. :)

I love that word. All kinds of new uses. I think the key grip on a movie should now be the key grap.

Or, it could be a new drink: "I'll have a double mocha grap with skim milk."

Or, it's part of nature study: "Graps are often spotted in the northeast at this time of year."

Okay. Must stop.

Jennifer said...

James Herriott indeed. I think anyone who can sit through that sort of procedure has a special calling - I couldn't read your first paragraph without cringing and feeling faint.
Hamilton Beach - that is hilarious. And I want to read all your Harry Potter stuff. Especially if you have a version where Sirius lives. Sigh.

Melanie B said...

My thought exactly: she can be a vet and a writer like James Herriott! Great minds think alike.

And you and Margaret with your "graps" have made my morning!

phoenix said...

I think it's a good thing Anne is interested in vet science. But, you're right about a proper paying job! Maybe she'll be another James Herriott. Earn your high school diploma from home or enroll in our other accredited home study correspondence courses.