Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karen, Meet Matt

I'm always late to the party, but once I'm there, I can dance as badly as Matt does.

Could anyone possibly not love this guy?

(H/T: Alicia and Jennifer)

(To watch this in high quality video, click through to YouTube here and click on "Watch in high quality" just under the video.)

It's been a long week, and I needed those deliriously happy feet. Thanks, Matt.


  1. Yes, it's been a long week--many highs, many lows--and what I needed was to read that opening line of yours: I'm always late to the party, but once I'm there...

    Thank you for the smile this morning.

  2. PS. And am I the only one who can't help but feel a little envious of Mr. Matt and all his travels? How cool would that be?

  3. Margaret, I am jealous too!
    We have been watching this video over and over this week! Our favorite segments are the wigmen, the big wave, and the underwater dancing. Love it all!

  4. Oh we love Matt! It's been a while since I watched the video, though. I'll have to remember to play it for Bella tomorrow so I can watch her laugh and dance along with Matt. Thanks for the pick me up.

    Also, if you have a little more time, there's a good video lecture in which Matt explains how the videos came about: (I'm not entirely sure his language is always kid friendly, though, so you might want to preview before letting the girls watch.)

  5. Yes, Melanie, the girls and I watched the "How I did it" video, too. They loved his stick figure drawings.

    And, yes to the wee bit of envy. How's that for a way to make a living?? :-)