Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Review: Take It to the Queen

Josephine Nobisso's newest book, Take It to the Queen: A Tale of Hope is every bit as lovely and inspiring as you hoped it would be.

I know you were hoping it would be lovely and inspiring because you loved The Weight of a Mass, didn't you? So did I.

And Take It to the Queen will not disappoint. Now, I know I'm a book geek, but when I get a glimpse of a creation like this -- so lovingly crafted, so gorgeously illustrated -- I get an almost electrical thrill running through me. I can't wait to savor it.

Sometimes, I purposely wait until I can savor such a thing. I settled in with this one when I was sure no one would bother find need me for a little while, and I began to read. Oh, it's lovely! Inspiring! Hopeful! It is, after all, a tale of hope, and that is what one will take away.

This allegory reminds us that we are a messy, rude, ungrateful, violent, fallen lot, but that we need not despair. Because the King, in His great wisdom, did send the Prince we so desperately need, and He gave us the most gracious Queen Mother, who will never stop interceding for us, no matter how little we deserve such loving intercession and care. The overall effect is that something enormous and magical is at work. And, as any recipient of Grace will affirm, it is.

Don't be a bit worried that you'll overlook any of the symbolism; the author has generously provided rich notes on the dustcover so that you can dig in and share the depth of this story with those people you sent away in order to first read this book your children.

If you want to find out more about Josephine Nobisso and her work, spend some time wandering around Gingerbread Books. You can also read an interview with her at Absolute Write. The first story she tells in that interview conjures that electrical thrill I mentioned, the magic of the creative spark and books. I dare anyone with a literary soul to read it and not be moved. Worth a look, both for readers and writers.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this, Karen. I saw it in a catalog for the first time yesterday and was very curious! It looks wonderful.

Karen Edmisten said...

You'll love it, Amy!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Karen, Once again, you have managed to enter deeply into a book, and lift it high, into the light. Thank you so very much for this lovely review of Take It to the Queen. Your thoughtful assessment of it lends such clarity to its essence, (and you have done this with charm and humor, too!) Thanking you, and cheering for you and yours!
Every blessing!
Joi (Nobisso)
(Catholic home-schooled) daughter Maria (Nicotra, Gingerbread House’s Art Dictator Director.)

n.b.: Now, imagine a strike-through over "Dictator." I tried copying and pasting this from Word, but the formatting got lost!)

Karen Edmisten said...

Joi, thank you so much for your kind words! And thanks, too, to your Dictator/Director! :-)

Every blessing to you and yours as well!