Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ramona Cooks

We sometimes discuss our "culinary point of view" around here.

Ramona's has to do with refrigeration.

When Atticus sits down on the couch and looks for a coaster on the end table, it's quite likely he won't find one.

Ramona has been busy making "coaster cake."

Sorry, Atticus. It's a sacrifice you'll have to make in the name of culinary genius.

And, to fairly credit the original genius creator of this dish, I must mention my sweet Betsy, who used to make coaster cake when she was little, but has moved on to grand Play-doh creations such as this Volcano Island, which is a model for a cake she'd like to make (she's clearly going to be a better cake decorator than I am.)


MaryM said...

Oh, that is so cute of Ramona. I used to make poker chip sandwich "cookies" when I was little - gotta love anything that stacks for fake baking!

And the play dough cake template is great.

Tracy said...

I used to make cookies from the Connect Four tokens. :) I nominated you for a blog award! Thanks for brightening my day!

Leonie said...

Love all the colours!