Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And the birthday girl says ...

... in response to my request for her forgiveness and the offer of a cake from the bakery if she wanted to pick one up before the friends came for cake:

"Why would I want a cake from the bakery when I can have your delicious cake??"

It was affectionately dubbed "The Earthquake Cake" for the huge crater that ran through its middle.

It was enjoyed by all chocolate fans, and loved all the more for its flaws.

Just like the mom who made it.

The daughter? Oh, she's perfect. Just perfect.


Love2Learn Mom said...

I accidentally made a "1906 Earthquake Anniversary" cake for my sister's birthday one time (I was a teenager and she was all grown up). I think I forgot to grease the pan. Just came up with a funny speech and all was well. :)

Happy Birthday to your very sweet daughter.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Back when my kids were small, ;), I was into elaborate birthdays with elaborate cakes. (Yes, I was the obsessive-compulsive my-child-is-turning-1-let's-invite-the -neighborhood type.)

Note that I used the word "was".

The cake that I made for Stephen's 1st was a fancy, frozen DQ cake rip-off. However, I did not take into account that it was too wide to fit into our freezer. What to do? I know! I thought, I’ll plug in our old freezer that was being stored in our garage and voila! We’d be good to go.

What I didn’t realize (silly me) is that a freezer doesn’t freeze when it’s been sitting there unplugged. It takes time to reach a freezing temperature! Consequently, the photos from Stephen’s birthday show a smiling (but embarrassed) mom and one very saggy-baggy ice cream….


Your daughter is a gem, Karen. I have loved these posts in that they show both her graciousness and her spunk.

Karen E. said...

Thanks, Alicia and Margaret! I guess we all have our cake stories, don't we? :-)