Friday, January 18, 2008

The Post Office in the Hedge

Read Lesley's post about blogs and what they are, what we want them to be, or what they can be, here.

We have a little box in our house, labeled "The Post Office of the Little Women" and it's a place where my daughters and I leave each other little notes (Atticus can use it, too, but he forgets ... the fun of secretive little missives is enjoyed mostly, I think, by us girls.)

I do think that's what my favorite blogs are ... a place where I leave a note for someone I love, someone whom I hope will leave a note for me, too. But, I had never consciously connected such communication to that lovely little portion of Little Women, or to our little Post Office here at home, and I love that Lesley made that connection for me.

So, if you have ever thought of leaving me a note in this little post office in the hedge, I hope that you will.

No pressure, of course. The best letters are surprises that arrive when we least expect them.

And perhaps you'll leave a note for Lesley, too, as she muses on what she wants her blog to be.


Laura said...

I want to be first!!!!!!!!!!!
You've inspired me to have a comment/note box in my class. And I think I will leave random- have a great day notes in my students lockers..good thoughts.

Christine M said...

Hi Karen. Here's just a little note to let you know I've stopped by.

My kids put "mailboxes" by their bedroom doors - and leave each other notes that way.

Anonymous said...

I love it Karen


Beck said...

That is really a beautiful way of looking at it - and now I want to make a little mailbox in my house, too!

Meredith said...

We love that scene in LIttle Women, wha a lovely idea. I hope my blog will be inspiration for a few Postal Hedge visits too! Delightful as always, happy friday!

Eileen said...

You are such a delightful person! It's a pleasure to let you know I've dropped by, and I hope you are even 1/10 as pleased as I am when I see your name at my place! :)

Patience said...

I loved Lesley's imagery and am happy to slip a note into your own letterbox ... please imagine it is bound with a little bit of ribbon and one lavender flower, because you are just that extra special.

Love2Learn Mom said...

What fun! Do we get to see a picture of your mail box? :)

Donna Howey said...

A little note, Karen, to let you know that you are thought about often!

sixandthecity said...

I read Little Women as often as I can sneak it in between other books, which is about twice a year. This time around, I explained to my husband that I always hope Beth is going to make it, and I always cry my eyes out when she doesn't. I don't know why I'm telling you this, but you seem like you would understand.

Sarah said...

*happy sigh*
I do love you, Karen. You're an example of why blogging can be GOOD, how it HAS made me a better Catholic mom, and of where friends can be found anywhere (OK, that should /probably/ read '"why" or "how" friends can be found' but I was trying to be all clever...and in a combox no less...)

So here's a little note in the Post Office in the Hedge (ooo, what a warm fuzzy feeling, thinking of Little Women - maybe I will read that next, even though I have TONS of OTHER books in the's irresistable...)

(((kiss, hug, peace))) (That's a Miss Muffet-ism which I am sharing with you. She doesn't even just kiss and hug; she always throws "peace-y" in, just like at Mass, probably because it's her favorite part of Mass, I don't know)

And now, after writing a small novel in your combox, I shall scamper off. :)