Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ramona, Product of English Majors

This morning, I was playing with Ramona and she had chosen to play with her My Little Ponies. She was in the process of naming the characters she'd chosen, and one of them was christened Mrs. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone.

"Now," she said quite thoughtfully, "that would be Cotton space Candy space Ice space Cream space Cone." Then, she looked up at me, a finger to her chin, and said, "Or, would you need commas there?"

I assured her that her spaces were more than adequate.


What are we doing to this poor child?

I promise you we don't do this to her deliberately. She just listens. To. Everything.


Alice Gunther said...


I! Would! Suggest! Exlamation! Points!

They have even great impact than spaces!

Melanie B said...

How cute! I strongly fear something similar lies in our future. With a mother as an English major and an editor father, I think Isabella has slim chances of avoiding a similar fate! The poor little thing already thinks that books are the best toys ever.

The Bookworm said...

Ramona space the space great. Exclamation mark.