Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm hooked

A couple of days ago, I was feeling stressed out over a number of things.

I managed to slip away alone, to run some errands, and I was zooming through a discount store with several dozen projects, responsibilities and commitments weighing on me. I nearly zoomed past the craft department, but then I thought I heard something. Yes, it was an almost imperceptible voice, calling, calling me.

"Me? You talking to me?"

I turned around, wary of the vortex into which I could be drawn.

Yes, it was the siren song of the yarn, and it was beckoning me in. I was helpless to resist. I had to do it. Nothing else existed at that moment but my busy brain and the possibility of relieving its stress and worry with a new knitting project.

I picked up the yarn ... oh, these soft, baby colors ... maybe something for that new little one we just heard about.

As I strolled away (no more zooming) with the coveted yarn in my addicted little hands, I could feel the stress simply melting away.

Aaahhh. I was going to knit.

And, then, for a brief moment, there was denial ... is this really me? Domestically-challenged me? Craving, desiring, wanting to knit?

Yup. It's me.

Hi. My name is Karen. And I'm a knit-a-holic.


Momto5Minnies said...

At least it is a healthy addiction ;)

That reminds me that I "was" crocheting a blanket (selfishly for myself). I pretty much put it down in May. That seems a perfect stress reliever right now.

Katherine in TX said...

Oh, I'm there with you, Karen. I absolutely love to knit. It is such a wonderful creative outlet. I hope you'll post pictures of your creation.

Liz said...

I seem to have temporarily replaced my knitting addiction with an exercise addiction... I can't seem to knit and jog at the same time. However, what's really been hanging me up is that I haven't spent enough time spinning to actually start any of the knitting projects I've had lined up in my head. The fact is I have plenty of yarn to knit SOMETHING, just not the things I've been planning on knitting. However, I've had several occasions lately when I would have loved to have had needles in my hands while riding in the car or sitting around waiting for something. I really need to look up a scarf pattern and use up some of my random stash. Of course alternately, I could go sit at the spinning wheel for awhile and spin some more Dorset yarn.

I'm so glad you've turned into a knitter. Have you attempted a sweater yet???

Jennifer said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see what you are making. How fun!

scmom said...

So, watcha gonna make? I'm working on a baby blanket right now -- it's taking quite a while though!