Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Going Visiting

Visiting Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight is like settling in on my comfy couch with my favorite coffee mug, beloved homeschooling books, creative crafty stuff, beautiful litugical year resources, and my favorite HGTV decorating shows, all in one. She's a treasure.

Maureen Wittmann is one of my favorite people on the net. She is helpful and generous and funny and full of amazing ideas. She's the Thrifty Homeschooler, a Catholic Mom columnist, and the force behind great books like The Catholic Homeschool Companion. What's not to love about this woman?

Speaking of, Lisa does some pretty amazing stuff over there, too. Run over to enter her contest for a book giveaway.

Danielle Bean is giving excellent advice to beginning Mommy bloggers here.

Kristin's daughter wants to heal Jesus's wounds in the best way she knows how. Check out the sweet picture here, which Kimberlee -- who made the gorgeous Rosary in question -- posted about.

Lesley at Small Meadow Press is open to suggestions for new "paper and inky" products. Everything she does is gorgeous. Would you like to see something new? Let her know.


Jenny said...

I absolutely agree with you about Dawn's blog. She seems so calm. To me it is like having a cup of tea in the English countryside.

Tiany said...

What a fun post, I loved it!!! Thanks for sharing all of these neat links!


Jennifer said...

Karen, boy do I need more coffee! I could not spell your name just now, repeatedly took out the r and added another e. Fingers are tired and spastic this morning, I guess!
I tagged you for a meme, it was quite fun!

Dawn said...

Oh, Karen, you have me in tears this morning! (Over my cup of coffee, no less!) Thank you so much for your kind and very generous words. I'm honored to be listed in such beautiful company. :)


Maureen Wittmann said...

Oh Karen, you are so precious. And I needed a little lift today. Thank you.

It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog -- you always make me smile!