Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts at the End of a Busy Day

*Did all the children who got braces put on their teeth yesterday wake their mothers up at 6 a.m., complaining of bad dreams about alligators?

Did all the mothers click their teeth at their children, telling them they merely have their own choppers too much on their minds? Did they all enjoy snuggling up with said children and getting one more hour of sleep?

* I love my doctor. He delivered all of my babies, saw me through my many miscarriages, is pro-life, doesn't prescribe things a good Catholic shouldn't prescribe, and lets me sit there and ask my questions at a leisurely pace, as if no other patient in the world is waiting for him anywhere. He lets me talk and question and wonder before I have to don the lovely paper garments, when I'm still wearing my normal, dignified mom clothes. I so like that.

And, guess what else? As I'm lying on a table today, having my first bone density test, and thinking that I'm so very blessed to have this doctor, I glance over at the wall, and what do I see? A framed picture of the Blessed Mother. That is just too perfect.

*You know when they say "Some Assembly Required"? Why don't they just skip the Big Lie and say, "This thing will require so much assembly that you would rather be trussed up and tossed in the river than go through this torture. You will thrice swear that panel D does not belong anywhere on this thing, and that the way we've shown you to insert it has to be wrong, and that those dowels are decidedly in the wrong place. You will despise us. You will wonder why any company could find it morally acceptable to print instructions that consist of pictures and arrows instead of words. And, as you stifle mean and nasty thoughts about us, you and your husband will promise each other that you will never, ever, ever again buy a piece of 'assembly required' furniture. But, we know you will. Until we meet again .... "

*Ramona really, truly, oh-so-very-much needs the "five minute warning" before being told it's time to leave a friend's house. "Five minute warning" is my secret weapon and it often leads to happy and compliant children.

Today, I forgot my secret weapon. Moms ... take heed. Learn from my failures. Don't forget your secret weapons.


KC said...

I need a doctor like yours--mine left me sitting with that paper robe on for 30 minutes. I couldn't check to see if they'd forgotten about me because I was wearing a paper robe.

My children also need 5 minute warnings. I can only imagine.

The Bookworm said...

Paper garments? My mind is boggled!

I don't usually mind assembling furniture, but I once bought a flat-packed wardrobe that had two right sides. Imagine how long it took me to decide that I was right and it was wrong ...

Love2Learn Mom said...

We so very much need a five minute warning around here. Just coming across the latest challenge to leaving peacefully. Frank will call out quite pathetically, even after several such warnings (15 minute, 10 minute, 5 minute - at least approximately) - just one more minute! Just one more minute!

Melanie B said...

Oh I wish I could find a doctor like yours. Unfortunately, pro-life doctors are as rare as hen's teeth round these parts.

Alice Gunther said...

All good thoughts, Karen--and I can relate to them all.

BTW, I too have an excellent pro-life doctor. It is a real blessing.