Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thinking of Thinking Bloggers

Kathryn, of The Bookworm, and Jennifer of As Cozy as Spring, tagged me as a "Thinking Blogger" and so I've been busy thinking ....

What is the Thinking Blogger Award? Well, it's not really an award (so, don't go away, Becky) -- it's really just another meme. Apparently it started here at The Thinking Blog. And (just as one would think) it took off, as do most memes.

It comes with three rules:

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to The Thinking Blog so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

Okay, okay, five blogs that make me think ....

Only five? Oh, come now. That's ridiculous. Obviously I could name many more, but I'll play by the rules and get started.

But first, a Major Disclaimer: Many, many, many of you whom I would name have already been named elsewhere, or you tagged me, or you already know that you make me think. So, please don't think that I think that you don't think. Of course you think, and I know that you think, and I think you're great. End of disclaimer. (Can you tell that memes paralyze me because I worry about leaving someone out? Oh, Karen. Get a life.)

I'm thinking I'll name:

Mike Aquilina at The Way of the Fathers ... he makes me think about Church history, and about how much more I have to learn. Always. And, he makes me think of puns, most of which I don't leave in his comment box. But he is, most definitely, the Blog King of Puns.

Jim Manney at People of the Book ... he makes me think about writing and publishing, literature and poetry. He sometimes makes me think about baseball, but never for very long (my flaw, not his.)

Becky at Farm School ... she makes me think about all kinds of things related to culture, books, movies and education, including making me think about how much I enjoy her wit and her outlook.

Liz at On Giants' Shoulders ... makes me think about how we all need a homeschooling mentor and friend. She was there in my pre-homeschooling days, when I was asking the most basic questions, and she's there for me still. And, she still ponders our Catholic faith, our conversions, the works of Chesteron, and how to best teach everything from literature to knitting.

Alice at Cottage Blessings ... makes me think about the beauty of Catholic motherhood and about how to teach the depth and riches of our faith to our children by truly living that faith in every way, from crafts for the liturgical year to devotions that come from her heart.

Who makes you think?


ilker said...

Technically you can name five more blogs that make you think because you got the "award" twice! ;)

Jennifer said...

I feel the same way about memes. I panic - maybe someone doesn't WANT to be tagged and maybe someone is crying because they weren't.

Anonymous said...

It is an honor to be tagged for this meme by someone who *always* makes me think.

Many thanks, Karen!

Love, Alice Gunther

Becky said...

Thanks, Karen :). It means a good deal coming from someone who I think thinks. And you made me laugh with the "warning"!

I tried to post here in the comments earlier in the week but I just couldn't go through. I don't know if it was my dial-up or just Blogger being wonky.

Thanks again. And now I'm off to find about Hilda Van Stockum's website (who knew?!).