Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Different Kind of Good

I keep thinking about yesterday's post on A Good Day of Learning. I have the nagging feeling that it's incomplete. I'm still digging into this idea of "What makes a good day of learning?" (as I said in the last post, it's a constantly beginning-and-ending process) and I suspect I'll post more about it.

But, for today, I'm adding these two thoughts:

Sometimes a good day of learning involves only one thing from my list of "a good day." Immersion. Immersion in the book we're reading. Immersion in paints and messes. Immersion in a day by the lake.

And, a good day of learning has to do with the season -- the literal season. Homeschooling runs in seasons, like everything in life, but it also varies by the actual season and weather. What makes a good day when it's three degrees and snowing is very different from a good spring day. I'm still transitioning from three degrees to spring, so I'm still making that mental shift.

And, then, sometimes, delightful things just happen out of the blue. Today, as I read Houses from the Sea, by Alice E. Goudy to Ramona (she loves this book, and can identify quite a few shells just from our repeated readings), she suddenly jumped up, on a quest. She said, "I need to get that book from the library! It ... it [she could hardly contain her excitement] it has a wentletrap in it. I'm sure of it!"

Connections are always a good day of learning.

More pondering will follow, I'm sure, as time allows. In the meantime, read Willa's contribution to the discussion. She says:

When I think about it, I know a good day when I see one, but I can't MAKE one happen.



Theresa said...

Yes, yes, yes! Exactly!
See, as soon as I finished writing that post I starting thinking about things I should have added or changed. The main thing is that every day is different, and what makes one day good can be the death of another one!
Days of immersion are SO SO important to our homeschool!Those days when only ONE thing gets done, but GOSH was it great, are often our very best days! Like our recent Bonsai experience. It completely consumed us for a few days, and nothing else got done, not math or science or even housework or cooking(!), but I feel so totally good about those days!Those are the days that invigorate us and give us the energy to tackle the more mundane subjects for awhile.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

You're not the only one who keeps thinking about your post on what makes a good day of learning. It was a gem of a post, Karen--very encouraging & inspiring.

A good post, like a good day of learning, stays with you.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Margaret!

Theresa, I knew you'd think the same thing! :-) And yes, it's so true -- every day, every child, every season is different. So hard to pin down what's "good" when there are so many "goods" that qualify.