Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is beauty irrelevant?

Fascinating article in the Washington Post: What will happen if Joshua Bell, violinist extraordinaire, plays in a D.C. subway station during rush hour?

The Washington Post found out.

h/t: MacBeth


Jennifer said...

That article was so interesting. I wonder what tidbits I miss from my children all the time. Like for example, when I was totally engrossed in that article, lol!

Matilda said...

Wow! Very interesting! I wonder what I would have done? Sad to say, I guess it would have depended on what situation I was in (screaming toddlers or wandering children) and how important I thought it was to get where I was going.

I think, had it just been me and my family as we are now, I would have stopped and listened. I would have even pointed him out to my children, I love to introduce them to different musical instruments. But we also live in apart of the country that doesn't have subway stations or plazas. We don't live in a downtown area with street musicians. I wonder how many of those people didn't pay attention because they are just use to it. Not a musician of Josh Bell's caliber, of course, but street performers in general.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Wasn't that just something? Wow. What does that say about our culture?