Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One year I gave up complaining

In my last Lenten post, I forgot to mention another unconventional sacrifice I tried one year.

I gave up complaining.


I realized just how much I do it. And, that realization led me to pray, "Lord, help me to serve without counting the cost."

I wish I could say that Lent that year was so fruitful that I've never complained or grumbled again. That I stopped counting the cost, and I now always serve joyfully.

I can't say that. I can, however, say that it was enlightening and helpful.

It was a step on this journey of conversion that continues day by day, year by year, Lent by Lent.

I love the big leaps, but they don't always happen. When they don't, I'll take the small steps.

They're all leading toward the same Goal.


  1. Karen, I too gave up complaining one year. Boy, that was difficult, and provided much humility!

    This and your post above are beautiful.

  2. This is an idea that really could change my life! Thank you for posting it.

  3. I gave this up a couple of years ago for Lent. I think it's time to do it again.

  4. Perfect for my Lenten sacrifice!

  5. Thanks, all. My girls are pretty intrigued by this idea for this year ... I think they're calculating how often they complain, and what situations might make this hard, especially those moments involving spinach or broccoli. :-)

  6. Wow. Now that's something to think about!!!

  7. Karen, YOU? Complain?