Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check in with Donna for more ideas

Donna Cooper O'Boyle has a really lovely article called A Mother's Lenten Strategies in her "Blogging Moments". Donna reminds us that, as mothers, we can very naturally give up our time and attention throughout Lent.

Donna recounts how one of her daughters used to say, "Mommy, turn your face here!"

How many of us have been asked to turn our faces there?

Turn to their stories, turn to their puzzles, turn to the marching band, turn to a Play-Doh creation ... turn and really look. Really listen. Turn to a squabble. Turn to a sad teen, turn to a young adult on the threshold of a new life. Turn and look. And listen.

Thank you, Donna, for a beautiful reminder that applies to every mother, every parent, at every stage of life.


Jennifer said...

That's just so true. My son swings my knees toward him when I am facing the computer. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention.

Jill said...

I saw one of her books on-line, the Heart of Motherhood (and saw your review and was all excited that I knew someone on an amazon review!) and never got around to buying it. Now, I'm heading to amazon to pick up a copy after this little 'brain jog.'

Ruth said...

That was a great article. Thanks for the link. Have a blessed Lent.

Karen E. said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Jill, I hope you enjoy the book. Donna has such a lovely, gentle spirit. And a blessed Lent to you, too, Ruth!