Friday, February 09, 2007

More lives worth living

Please visit Kimberlee and Leticia, both of whom commented on my "A Life Worth Living" post.

Kimberlee has a beautiful post about her sweet little Elizabeth Faustina, a gorgeous little girl with a life worth living.

Leticia's darling Christina can be seen at Cause of our Joy. Leticia also has lots of great links to other blogs and to sites that offer more information on Down Syndrome. Just take a look at a couple of these:

Big Blueberry Eyes
Brady's Bunch
Emma Sage

Stop by, too, and visit Dani the artist and her sweet little boy, Quinn.

And, returning to that mom at the park ... In her words, "Isn't it a shame?"

Isn't it a shame that not everyone can see God's image and likeness in these beautiful children?


Leticia said...

Thank you for the link, Karen, and your inspiring post. Don't you just love those Down Syndrome sites?! Kinda makes you want a special little darlin' of your own, doesn't it?
Last week I met Monica, a homeschooling mom who has four lovely children, three biological, and the fourth a blonde-haired little girl with Down Syndrome whom she adopted as an infant. What a lovely family they make!

Karen E. said...

My pleasure, Leticia! Yup, they're pretty special. Monica's family sounds beautiful.