Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thankful Thursday

This week's Thankful Thursday post is a group effort. I'm going to share a list from our Thanksgiving Tree, along with a little background.

When Anne and Betsy were younger, I did a Thanksgiving Tree every November. We drew and colored the tree on poster board, cut it out, and made leaves from construction paper. Then, each night at dinner, we all named something for which we were thankful. By Thanksgiving Day, we had made a beautiful autumn tree, adorned with our many blessings.

Somewhere along the sleep-deprived way (when Ramona was a baby ... then when she was one, then two, then three ... people don't always believe me, but it's true that this child literally did not sleep through the night for years) I stopped doing it. But, this year, I'm getting more sleep and the tradition has been revived.

Today, the girls and I put our tree together and started naming our blessings. Here are ten of them, from the things we came up with, in no particular order (other than putting Jesus first, naturally):

1. Jesus
2. Homeschooling
3. Having a brain
4. Having air in my body so I can breathe
5. Books
6. My sisters
7. Chocolate
8. Electricity
9. Church and praying
10. Frosting

Here's a full picture of the Thanksgiving Tree:

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And, cheater that I am, I'm going to add #11, as I did last week: I'm thankful for Diane, for taking on Thankful Thursday this week, and for the many blog readers who come to visit here and are so kind to me. You are all an enormous blessing in my life.


Liz said...

What a neat idea! I definitely believe you about Ramona not sleeping through the night for years because my dd did the same identical thing. I've told her that part of my weight gain was due in no small part to her sleeping habits. I ate all day to keep up my energy for not getting a full nights sleep every night. She finally slept through the night sometime around 4 (I have blessedly forgotten just exactly how around 4 it was, but it was at least close to if not after her birthday). Of course now she LOVES to sleep and I get woken up at night by my bladder rather than my child....SIGH

Anonymous said...

I love your family's Thanksgiving tree. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your tree too. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I haven't done anything Thanksgivingy this year.

Alice Gunther said...

Karen, you are an enormous blessing to everyone you meet!

I love the tree and the tradition. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love this tree, Karen! I'm going to set one up with the boys today. It will be nice for Thanksgiving guests to add to next Thursday!

Great list!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Karen. I'm going to start one here with my kiddos today.
Thanks for sharing the idea.

Anonymous said...

My kids would love having a Thanksgiving tree! (And my oldest didn't really sleep through the night until he was 5, so I sympathize.)

Anonymous said...

That's is such a great idea! I love the list Karen!

Anonymous said...

I love the tree idea too. I'm going to do that today (thanks!). And your daughters can be thankful for their sisters every day of their lives.

yesterthoughts said...

We have a piece of posterboard just begging to be utilized. Thank you for letting us know what we can do with it! God bless your day.

JennGM said...

How beautiful! This sounds like a great project I can do at my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving with the family. Thanks for the inspiration.

K said...

Thanks for the inspiration. We are making ours today! The kids are very excited. We've also lost many hours of sleep. Good news is, it won't kill you, but it does make you do goofy stuff, LOL!

Suzanne Temple said...

This is such a great GREAT idea, karen. Jesus, electricity, and frosting, what more could a body need??

Anonymous said...

Love the tree and your list of things to be thankful for!

Tracy C. said...

In love that tree, we are so going to make one of those!

Rebecca said...

This is a great idea! I am going to blatantly steal the idea and do it this week.

I especially agree about the frosting...

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


I love this idea!

And...I, too, know all about kids not sleeping through the night.

I'm stumblin' through the fog with ya my friend...thankful to not be alone.

Leila@LittleCatholicBubble said...

Wow! I suffer from a great lack of creativity, and as a mom of seven this can be a problem. But the Thanksgiving tree is something even I could do! Thank you so much!!!