Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flintstone Feet

That's what Atticus has always called them. Ramona is four, but she still has scrumptious, adorable little Flintstone feet and I still love, love, love to look at them.

Rebecca loves little feet, too, and has an adorable carnival of them going on. Scamper over there now to oooh and aahhh at the cutefest.


Anonymous said...

Those are some adorable little Flinstone feet. Thanks for sharing!

My sister always said that my daughter (22 months) has Hobbit feet. I quite agree, as they look awfully flat and wide. The only thing is they aren't really hairy. Hmm... maybe "Flintstone" would be a better way to describe her feet, just like Ramona's! I guess I'll have to pass it by my sister. ;-)

Suzanne Temple said...

I love her feet!

Temple boys have square feet. They are as wide as they are long! Is that "Flinstone?"

Karen Edmisten said...

I think it's that cartoon-y pudginess that makes Atticus call them that. :-)

By the way, Suzanne, when my oldest saw your picture, she said, "Is that a girl or a lady?" and when my 10yo saw it, she said, "Is that a picture of me?" :-)