Wednesday, October 04, 2006

God is so good

After my self-pitying post of this morning, you'd think God might just smack on the head and tell me to snap out of it. But, no, instead, He sends me a love song.

While preparing some food this afternoon, I was listening to a recording a friend made me. The singer, a priest (from our hometown, now residing in Texas), did a truly lovely, folk-inspired version of "How Can I Keep from Singing?"

I was especially struck by these lines:

No storm can shake my inmost calm
While to The Rock I'm clinging;
Alive is the Lord of Heaven and earth,
How can I ever stop singing?

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,
A fountain ever springing:
All things are mine since I am His—
How can I keep from singing?


I'm off to sing.


Momto5Minnies said...

I caught your blog through someone else. I just wanted to say that I have read many of your articles and they have made me feel even more connected to my faith.

I also love it when a song makes its way into our day ... brightening it. What a wonderful God we have!

Karen E. said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the wonderfully encouraging words!