Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and Granola Bars

Two weeks ago: 

Atticus buys candy. 
Places it in deep freeze. 
Family makes pact not to touch it. 

One week ago: 

Candy still intact in freezer. 
We are saints. 
I creatively tie this in to explanation of Halloween/All Saints Day. 
I ignore all internet talk about Halloween lest it impede the enjoyment of sugar and the fun of having candy for breakfast the day after Halloween. 

Last night: 

Admit that we are not saints. (But then, we knew that, didn't we?) 
The granola bars I made (which I've referred to as being somewhat addictive) are sweeter and better than 107 Snickers bars put together. 
Who needs Halloween candy? 


Remove candy from freezer. 
Promise not to eat it before tonight.
Have no trouble keeping that promise because, hey, we have granola bars. (And not the kind of granola mentioned in this Post-Candy Analysis.) 

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Anonymous said...

Freezing the candy! Brilliant!