Monday, November 01, 2010

Post-Candy Analysis

"Seriously?" said Betsy last night, "Pencils? Who would give out pencils? And this!" she scoffed, holding up something as though it were the carcass of a small rodent. "A granola bar?"

Clearly, though, she found some treasures among the pencils and granola bar because just before bedtime she said, "I think I'm slipping into a sugar coma."

Happy Solemnity of All Saints!
Rapunzel, Effie Trinket and a Crazed Yankees Fan


tanita davis said...

What a creative bunch you have.

Suzanne Temple, FCPI said...


Sara said...

Effie Trinket! I guess there weren't many of those out there!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

The girls look GREAT though I had to look up Effie Trinket.

(Under a Hunger Games rock, I am.)

(Or would that be, on TOP of it?)

Happy Feast!!!

Danae said...

Great the Effie wig!

Melanie B said...

Effie Trinket... Cheer!!! What a great costume idea.

I love Rapunzel and the crazed Red Sox fan too.

Karen E. said...

Red Sox?? RED SOX?? Banish the thought! :)

Effie was indeed inspired. She met trick-or-treaters at the door and although I'm sure none of them knew that a resident of The Capitol was handing out their candy, *we* knew. :)