Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Feast of All Souls

It seems to me that the words of St. Francis de Sales apply also to those of us still slogging through in the Church Militant:

Souls who are in Purgatory are there because of their sins, sins that they now supremely detest. But as for abjection and pain at being detained in that place and at being temporarily deprived of enjoying the blessed love that is paradise, they suffer it lovingly and devoutly according to the canticle of divine justice, "Righteous and true are Your ways..." [Rv 15:3] Therefore, let us patiently wait for our spiritual growth, and instead of disturbing ourselves because we have made so little progress in the past, let us diligently strive to do better in the future.   ~~  St. Francis de Sales (T.L.G. Book 9, Ch. 7; O. V, p. 131)
from Daily de Sales.